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Worldwide app usage: Facebook most installed

Worldwide app usage: Facebook most installed

Findings from a new multi-country study of over 4,000 mobile phone users throughout the UK, United States, France and also The Netherlands disclose just how carrier applications are used and checked out by consumers today.

The study, from MetrixLab, checked out the conversation application use across crucial worldwide markets.
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- Facebook Messenger is the No. 1 mounted app among smartphone customers, but WhatsApp has one of the most daily customers.

- Personal information protection worries are a large concern, even for top brand names like WhatsApp. Snapchat is viewed as the least safe by consumers.

- Generation Y are probably to spend for an ad-free variation of their preferred messaging application.

" Messaging applications such as WhatsApp and also Facebook Messenger, Skype and iMessage, have actually ended up being extremely preferred with customers. Our survey uncovers whatever from their effect on calling and also texting to protection concerns, mindsets to advertising and marketing as well as propensity to advise" says Michelle de Montigny, Global SVP Consultancy at MetrixLab.

Carrier apps: Ten patterns you have to understand.

1. Messaging apps are replacing paid for texts and also phone calls.

63% of Baby Boomers use them as a substitute for paid text. This rises to greater than two in three (67%) for Generation Y. Messaging apps are replacing paid-for phone calls also-- 67% of Generation X and also 66% of Generation Y concur that they make use of messaging applications as a substitute for calling.

2. The leading 5 applications

Facebook Messenger is the most set up application at 63%, carefully followed by WhatsApp at 61%. At 39%, Skype remains in 3rd location, iMessage in fourth at 27% and also Snapchat following at 18%. A myriad of various other smaller brand names have thus far cannot make much impact.

3. Install rates aren't the like daily usage prices.

Usage prices for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp differ dramatically. It interests compare setup rates with everyday use prices. While both have really similar installment prices (63% and 61% respectively), simply 27% of those with Facebook Messenger use it everyday compared with 62% of WhatsApp users.
4. It's very early days.

8 in 10 consumers have actually come across WhatsApp, however less than half (47%) feel that they recognize the brand name "truly well". At 42%, it's the exact same story for Facebook Messenger. Younger customers are most likely to have established a better degree of familiarity-- 58% of Generation Y say they recognize WhatsApp "really well" while 54% state the same of Facebook Messenger.

5. Skype is the only brand name to attain global appeal.

Around one third of customers would take into consideration utilizing Skype (Generation Y 32%, Baby Boomers 29%, Generation X 27%).

6. WhatsApp has the best level of awareness amongst customers and is one of the most preferred application.

It's additionally the most favored option if consumers should send out a message instantly, favored by 42% of customers who have become aware of the brand. Facebook Messenger ranks second at 21%, adhered to by iMessage at 11%.

7. With a setup price of 98%, almost all consumers in the Netherlands have WhatsApp on their mobile phones.

8. The leading 3 suggested applications by those with apps set up are WhatsApp (91%), as well as two lesser-known apps: MobileQQ (90%) as well as KakaoTalk (87%).

9. Customers are fretted about the safety and security of their personal information.

There is actual anxiousness around the protection of all applications-- consisting of big name brands. When we asked participants knowledgeable about WhatsApp, less than half (48%) said that they assumed their individual data was protected with the brand name, while 37% concurred for Facebook Messenger. With just 26% agreeing that their data is secure with the application, Snapchat is presently regarded by consumers as the least safe and secure app.

10. Advertisement evasion deserves a costs to some consumers.

Some individuals would be prepared to pay for an ad-free version if their favored messaging application used in-app advertising and marketing. Generation Y are more than likely to pay for an ad-free variation-- nearly one 3rd (30%) would do so compared with 20% of Generation X and 13% of Baby Boomers.

" Our international research throws new light on exactly how smartphone customers of all ages are interacting using messaging applications today. And while Facebook Messenger takes the leading spot for installed applications, WhatsApp wins one of the most everyday individuals. We've also seen that personal information safety and security is still a stressing concern for customers, highlighting the need for brand names to instill more confidence in customers that make use of these apps or risk being overtaken by the next messaging trends" ends de Montigny.


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Worldwide app usage